Zimbabwe Project



02In August of 2007 when we traveled to Zimbabwe we had no idea what we were getting into. It was our first time to Africa and our first mission type trip. One of the first days we were taken to a feeding center that had been functional for about a year. This gave us a idea what we were building and the impact it would have on the community. We learned they fed approx. 150 children 1 meal per day at that site. The children go to school in the morning and to the feeding center for lunch, then receive biblical instruction and practical learning such as how to plant and grow a garden. Then they play games in the afternoon. We spent 7 of 10 days working on the construction of a feeding center in a rural area outside of Harare. We worked with many wonderful people, learned about their families and their lifestyle, and experienced a culture where they take care of others who are in need, bringing them into their homes even though they may not have the means to provide for themselves. They also have a strong faith that continues to give them hope. While we were working on the project The Chief of the area, as well a 9 of 29 village heads came to watch and speak to our team at the construction site. Each one expressed their thanks and they explained that the team's presence has impact.

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